Body Science BSc HydroxyBurn PRO Diet Shake’n’Take 40g

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HydroxyBurn Pro Diet Shake’n’TakeProduct Highlights– Lose fat and improve lean muscle– Aid weight loss– Aid fat metabolism– Aid post workout recovery– Increase Satiety– Improve Nutrient Absorption– Superior Quality ProteinHydroxyBurn Pro Diet Protein provides all the benefits of a blend of quality proteins in a high protein low carbohydrate formula. The quality of the protein blend is second to none. HydroxyBurn Pro Diet uses a specific Proprietary Milk Protein Blend that includes Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate with a quality and unique Plant Protein Blend that includes Soy Protein Isolate and Organic Brown Rice Protein.Increased protein intake has some profound effects on muscle fat and dietary habits. Numerous scientific studies have seen increases in daily protein intakes improve and maintain lean muscle mass whilst reducing body fat.
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nProviding adequate amounts of carbohydrates in meals that are high in fibre with a serve of quality low fat protein has shown to assist in feeling full (satiety). This resulted in fewer calories eaten in the subsequent meal thereby reducing overall daily caloric intake and reducing fat weight.The combination of resistance training with quality protein has also seen great improvements in body composition.For those individuals who are concerned with total caloric intake and excessive carbohydrates HydroxyBurn Pro Diet protein provides the key components for recovery without additional energy. Fat tracking has been assisted with diets that are lower in carbohydrates. Athletes such as runners swimmers surfers yoga/Pilates everyday fitness enthusiasts or bodybuilders/figure shapers have all successfully reduced fat levels by the use of manipulating daily carbohydrate intakes.
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nThere has been recent literature showing that training on some days in a state of lower carbohydrates (~4 grams per kilogram of body weight) may improve body composition and endurance performance. Obviously this means that protein intakes would increase during these days.HydroxyBurn Pro Diet provides the specific protein blend that you need to recover as efficiently as possible after your workouts or added to your morning breakfast smoothie or cereal to increase your satiety and energy levels. Because HydroxyBurn Pro Diet has been designed as a specific time release formula it means that you get the benefits of an immediate release of nutrients that will help you boost your energy levels and metabolism followed by balancing sugar levels and controlling your appetite.We care about your overall health and well being not just your immediate fitness goals that’s why HydroxyBurn Pro Diet contains no artificial colours flavours or sweeteners and includes a vitalizing dose of vitamins and minerals. Ensure you provide your body with a balance exercise appropriate dietary strategies and rest to optimize changes in you body composition.

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