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THE GEAR – JACK’D is the next evolution of Max’s original best selling Testosterone Booster. In this new formula we’ve increased the strength of the key anabolic components, while adding a few special ingredients that will send your muscle building system into overdrive! This potent formula will spike your system levels of Free Testosterone and thanks to proven aromatase inhibitors, will keep your T levels elevated for hours to maximise protein synthesis and muscle growth. With 15% more active ingredients, including D-AA and 5A Hydroxy Laxogenin, this is the most potent natural Test Booster currently available!

  • Potent Botanical Compounds Maximise Free Testosterone.
  • Aromatse Inhibitors stop free Testosterone breakdown
  • Increased T Levels and HGH
  • Faster gains in Size, Strength and Power


Tribulus Terrestris (60% Saponins 20% Protodioscin) 750mg – belongs to a category of natural compounds called Adaptogens. It is most strongly associated with androgen receptor activity in the brain that controls testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid 750mg – Helps stimulate the release of signalling hormones in the pituitary gland that controls 95% of male Testosterone production

Bulbine Natalensis Powder (Stem) 250mg – multiple studies confirm that this African herb increases circulating testosterone and also reduces estrogen levels.

Fadogia Agrestis Powder (stem) 250mg – studies have shown this herbal compound to be a potent booster of testosterone.

Paederia Foetide 250mg – is an herb that has been used for centuries to treat some aspects of male vitality. Current research shows that it plays a vital role in increasing testosterone levels in men.

Smilax Scobinicaulis Extract (Laxogenin) 100mg – Laxogenin is a natural steroidal compound belonging to the family of brassinosteroids, molecules recognized as a class of plant hormones. Studies have shown that laxogenin to have a many of the characteristics and effects of certain androgenic and anabolic steroids.

PLUS Estrogen Suppression Blend…

High estrogen levels in males can result in feminising features in males including lower muscle mass and increased fatty deposits (particularly around the abdomen and chest ). High estrogen is generally the result of elevated aromatase enzyme activity – enzymes that convert testosterone molecules into estrogen and other similar compounds. High estrogen levels in turn have then been shown to suppress testosterone production, resulting in a viscous cycle of low testosterone, poor recovery and decreased muscle mass.

The estrogen suppression blend in THE GEAR JACK’D includes powerful aromatase enzyme inhibitor compounds to down regulate the conversion of free testosterone to estrogen.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) 150mg – is a compound found cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. It is a potent regulator of aromatase enzymes and works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen metabolites.

Maca Root PE 4:1 150mg – helps maintain free testosterone by balancing its coversion to other metabolites including estrogen.

White Mushroom Extract 20% Polysaccharides (Agaricus Bisporus) Stem/Body 150mg – like DIM, this common food extract contains compounds that inhibit the aromatase enzyme to help keep your testosterone from breaking down into estrogen.

Trans Resveratrol (Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract) 150mg – is a natural compound found in the skin of red grapes and some other fruits. It has many beneficial properties including boosting testosterone and block the action of the aromatase enzyme to help maintain higher testosterone levels.