Musashi Growling Dog Energy Bar 65g (Box of 12)

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If you have been looking for a nutritious snack that would bring back the grunt in your work out time then Musashi Growling Dog Bar 65g is meant for you. It is a supercharged snack that gives you power energy to carry out your fitness session without getting tired. This amazing nutrient snack contains 25% high quality proteins to aid the growth & repair of muscle tissue with creatine to support power energy loading regime. Highlights Of Musashi Growling Dog Energy  Bar 65gA single serving contains 25% of protein.With addd creatine.Musashi Growling Dog Bar 65g is an effective energy and protein source.It gives you immediate strength required to perform well in sports or fitness training.It is a convenient nutrition option for all those who do not have time to spare for a pre and post workout diet.No artificial colours and sweeteners.n